LIFE Wirral is a small, independent, selective sport school where children with a passion for sport are offered a high quality individualised education, alongside direct access to the very best human performance coaching and sports specific training available.

Through the medium of sport, LIFE Wirral offers a balanced, broad and innovative curriculum that enables every individual to flourish in an environment that enables them to realise their academic, physical and vocational aspirations.
Our academic teachers, sports coaches and management team (along with many stakeholders involved in the programme), have embraced the challenge ahead.
In addition to appropriate traditional methods of teaching, all staff will strive to exceed expectations, develop self-esteem and
self-confidence in each individual with a 
methodical, problem-solving approach. 


Every child should be given equal access and opportunity to the facilities, resources, time and expertise that education has to offer,

in the classroom and beyond the classroom.


All students at LIFE Wirral are guaranteed to develop as individuals and to become fully functioning members of the Global society.


The journey will begin with lessons, developing within sports teams and extra-curricular activities beyond our immediate environment.


We aim to build in all students a sense of cooperation, support and espirit de corps, allied to an environment of discipline and fairness, our subject is the perfect platform from which to build upon. 

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LIFE Wirral will provide a flourishing training environment that enthuses hard work, focus and commitment. All students will be inspired and coached to understand the power of healthy living (nutrition), mental strength (sports psychology) and time management (education & training disciplines), in striving to fulfil their sporting potential and achieve their international sporting ambitions. LIFE Wirral hopes to produce leaders in sport and ultimately, medal winners at major games; professional sportsmen and women and Ambassadors of UK Sport. 


To date, our sports specific programmes have helped produce numerous junior international athletes (girls and boys) in sports including Hockey, Handball, Gymnastics, Table-Tennis, Football, Athletics and Judo. LIFE Wirral will take the very best values that sport can offer. We will develop each individual with the very best teaching in Our School to help them flourish in an environment that provides the best opportunities to succeed in sport, whilst ensuring their academic needs and aspirations are equally accommodated for. 


Each prospective student will undergo a physical performance assessment and interview (with their parents/carers) to ascertain their commitment, desire and ambition to achieve both in sport and in the classroom.


Our School thrives upon individuals who only want to give their best in ALL aspects of their Lives, to Achieve for themselves (Sporting, Academic, Professional and Family), to Motivate, Encourage and Celebrate in the successes of their Peers and to Inspire those who succeed them in the School.


Our students will be encouraged to share (and learn from) their experiences, sporting skills, techniques and abilities to analyse the performances of others and of themselves, with the overarching aim for each individual student to become knowledgeable of their own as well as other approaches to training, competition and coping strategies. 


In essence, each individual will become an ‘expert’ in a variety of movement and coaching skills - learning how to modify and adapt what they have to different scenarios. We firmly believe this is the key to becoming successful in Sport as a coach, teacher or instructor in the future.


A diverse array of Leisure/Recreational facilities, including Arts, Craft & Drama exist in Wirral.


There are a number of Historical “Firsts” attributed to Wirral – such as Birkenhead Park (World’s First Municipal ‘Park’ that became the template for New York’s Central Park).


The First Hovercraft service ran from Wirral to Liverpool and North Wales. The 1st Birkenhead Scout troop is attributed to be the World’s First Official Scout Troop and in 1929 the World’s First Jamboree was held at Arrowe Park.


Glenda Jackson (actress and MP) opened a Theatre here in Wirral. Our base in New Brighton boasts a resident Artist who is transforming the resort with colourful, imaginative and striking statues and paintings. He is willing to give “masterclasses” to our students.


Our Community (Outreach) Programme will involve helping “Clean the Coastline” activities. We are located just a short walk away from the RNLI Life Boat Station and our aim is to forge links to support the valuable work they do.


We will work with local residents to support maintaining and improving a comfortable, attractive and appealing living environment for everyone. Combined with Chester (approximately 30-minutes away) and Liverpool (15-minutes away – 20 if you travel by the famous “Ferry Across the Mersey”) we have an unequalled Historical and Cultural heritage – the envy of many parts of the UK.

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