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LIFE Wirral Sports School is a ‘can do’ school, where every pupil matters.  We firmly believe that every pupil is unique and therefore brings different experiences, skills and ideas into the classroom. 

This in turn influences how they and others around them learn. LIFE Wirral Sports School nurtures each pupil with a sense of personal responsibility, determination and self-discipline so that they can fulfil their potential.


When looking to the future our vision is to ensure that LIFE Wirral Sports School develops confident, resilient and independent learners who are:


  • able to express themselves with confidence;

  • able to receive and give feedback positively;

  • willing to stretch themselves and their thinking;

  • positive about physical activity;

This will be achieved by creating a culture of learning and discovery that is stimulating and enjoyable for both children and staff.


By the end of their stay at LIFE Wirral Sports School, our children will take with them a winning combination of skills, resilience, drive and determination.