Alastair Saverimutto

Founder/ CEO

"The opening of LIFE represented the realisation of a long-held dream. For more years than I care to remember I had a vision of establishing a school on the Wirral which would help shape, help dramatically improve, the lives of those who, for whatever reason, found themselves at odds with mainstream education.


That vision is now a reality - a centre of excellence staffed by top-class, hugely experienced professionals across many differing disciplines. My career has been long and varied taking in senior positions inside boxing ( Switzerland ), Rugby Union ( Sri Lanka ) and football ( Bournemouth FC and Everton FC ).

I pride myself on a deep and passionate understanding of just what it means to be involved in sport and education - and I believe that I do understand the complexities and demands of both."

Sarah Quilty

Head Teacher

"Education will always be my first love, my passion. My career spans more than 18 years and began with my training as a primary school teacher at Manchester Metropolitan University.


Since then my roles have included SENCo, SLT team, specialist literacy teacher and, more recently, working on Wirral’s Special Educational Needs Advice and Assessment Team. My most recent qualifications include a Masters in Dyslexia and a National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership.


I regard LIFE as a unique - and absolutely invaluable - venture, a school which fosters student and staff well-being whilst encouraging students to develop skills to fulfil their academic and sporting potential. I want students to leave LIFE with the personal and academic skills which will allow them to go on and live their dreams, whatever they may be."

Colin Lamprey

Deputy Head Teacher

"My role is to develop a sporting ethos within the School and to look after the future external exams for our students. In my professional career I have taught physical education for 36 years mostly at Wirral's Calday Grange Grammar School where I filled a variety of posts including Head of PE, Head of Year and Head of House.


I have also been involved with Examining Boards in a variety of roles which helped me enormously with my own teaching of academic PE.


My sporting career has been predominately centred around rugby and I have always been keen to keep myself fit and active as I believe it is essential to act as a role model for our young students. My motto has always been - and will always be - ‘Hard work beats Talent’."

Alex Saverimutto

Head of Sport

"My love is for sport in all its various forms and for developing young athletes. Creating a sporting programme which our students can enjoy - and learn from - has been my main goal at LIFE and so far it has been a brilliant success.


I have coached at the WESPA Sport Academy for more than six years, taking on the Head Coach role in 2020. During my time at the Academy I have worked with gifted, young elite athletes across a wide variety of sports, many of whom have gone on to achieve international recognition.


I have travelled a great deal and spent 12 months in Melbourne developing young elite AFL players. I have a First Class Degree in Economics from the University of Bristol. I am a British Weightlifting Level 2 Coach, I have a PT Level 3 and I have taken S&C qualifications under Charles Poliquin and Sebastian Oreb."

Leanne Maddock

Business Administrator

"I am an energetic business administrator whose job neither begins nor ends with paperwork! My role at LIFE is to keep staff, students, their families and visitors happy, informed and relaxed in our fabulous school setting.


You will very rarely find me at my desk! I enjoy watching our pupils thrive in what is a very unique setting and environment. Being the approachable non-teaching member of staff whose office door is always open to everyone is something I take great pride in.


My background was in the travel industry before I pursued a career as an RGN adult surgical nurse at Arrowe Park Hospital, only leaving to become a full time mum to my two children, a dog and a cat. Once my children were old enough I opted to seek out a totally new career - which led me to LIFE!"

Rachael Clarke

Lead in Science/Careers

" I have a passion for working with young people and for nurturing their talents. The active involvement of pupils in their Science learning and subsequent assessment is, I believe, vitally important.


Learning simply has to be set within a culture which celebrates success and which encourages all to both learn and to enjoy. My journey as a leader began in 1998 as Head of Sixth Form at St John's Plessington in Bebington where I had responsibility for the academic and pastoral welfare of almost 200 students, leading a team of form tutors and Assistant Heads of Year.


In previous roles I initiated many changes to working practices, attaining higher levels of health, safety and security of staff, students and visitors and an improved school environment. When not working I love to go running - it destresses the brain and strengthens the body!"

Julie Richards

Lead English Tutor

" I love the English language and I have a voracious appetite for literature of all genres; I want our students to share my passion. I want LIFE students to feel confident as readers, writers and speakers and to help them achieve this I use interactive strategies in the classroom to encourage them to both consider taking risks and to try new things.


We have begun to compile our very own LIFE library and we will be arranging regular visits by published authors. I began my career in teaching in London in the eighties and since then I have worked in mixed and single sex comprehensives on the Wirral, in Liverpool and Runcorn and have held a variety of positions including Head of English, Head of Communications and Chair of Teaching and Learning.


My mantra? Lifelong learning is an excellent goal!"

Paul Leicester

Maths/Business Studies/IT

" After a career as a computer systems operator within the oil industry I moved into the teaching of IT as I was passionate about helping young people develop the skills and knowledge which they would require to become inspirational leaders within the ever- expanding new world of high technology.


LIFE, where I also lead in Maths and Business Studies, is a quite wonderful concept. I have always believed that learning and the love of knowledge is something to be encouraged and nurtured in order that the next generation can begin a journey of discovery and ambition which will last a lifetime.


My love of photography feeds my creative side - seeing the world in a new light or from a different perspective I believe has enhanced my life experiences and helped me grow as a person and as a professional."

Sarah Brady

Yoga Teacher

"I have been practising yoga on and off since I was a teenager but never truly embraced it until six years ago when I sustained an injury which necessitated me, as part of my rehabilitation, to undertake sessions five times a week; it completely changed my life.


Until very recently I was working as an ICU staff nurse which I really enjoyed but now, at LIFE, I get to live a life of magic every single day by doing something I truly love!


I want the children I teach to believe in their dreams - to reach for them - and appreciate that they have the ability to achieve anything their heart desires."

Paul Hamill

Sports Psychologist

"I am an elite performance coach having worked inside sport for more than 20 years. I offer high level support to aspiring young athletes who have the desire to be at the very top of their mental game.


I have a particular - and long-standing - interest in helping the recoveries of those youngsters who have suffered injury setbacks.


It is during periods of rehabilitation that athletes often feel at their most vulnerable - and when they need the most help and support. I believe it is vitally important that all athletes, irrespective of what their chosen discipline is, realise that sport is played as much with the head, the mind, as with the hands or feet."

Ian Ross

Head of Communications

"I have been a journalist for more than 45 years. A proud Yorkshireman, I began my career in Southport and have now lived in Liverpool since the late Seventies, witnessing first-hand the renaissance of a great city.


After two decades on Fleet Street working for The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian, I joined Everton FC in 2001 as Director of Public Relations, a position I held for 12 eventful years.


I am a published author, a seasoned broadcaster and someone who has a particular interest in passing on to future generations whatever wisdom it is I have garnered during my career. My claim to fame? I taught Wayne Rooney how to speak with gravitas to the Media. Well, I tried...."

Tray’c Nuttall

Pastoral Behaviour Coach

and Social Thinking Tutor

"My interest in education and wellbeing began as a psychology undergraduate at the University of Liverpool. Whilst studying in the city, I was fortunate to lead research into working memory and executive function with the overall aim being to improve concentration and focus amongst children with SEN (Special Educational Needs).


Before arriving at LIFE, I delivered tailored support to children across the Wirral with SEN in pupil referral units and schools for children with emotional, social, and behavioural difficulties. I am committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare and health of all young people.


As an avid participant of martial arts and a keen enthusiast for educational research and development, LIFE to me, fully represents the perfect balance of education, sport, and wellbeing."

Ollie Nugent

Sports Coach

My experience as a teacher is only just beginning but I am learning every day from the great team which has been assembled at LIFE Wirral Sports School.


I am working hard at building my skill set with the intention of becoming a talented strength and conditioning coach, one who will work with a wide range of different athletes across many sporting disciplines.


In addition I am using my unique sporting background and knowledge to help mould young people into great people - both inside and outside of sport.


I believe that the LIFE school will keep on progressing as it helps many young people with both their education and their sporting ambitions.