Our priority is to provide surroundings that are a safe, healthy and enjoyable place to teach and learn; where everyone in our community is encouraged to develop the physical, social, mental and emotional skills for themselves and to foster a caring nature for those around them.

We Aim to enable our students to be highly active in their own learning, to have inquisitive, questioning and reasoned minds and to develop problem-solving approaches in the varied and diverse challenges set before them. They will then be enabled to move towards independence, control, choice and autonomy, regardless of their circumstances. We want them to ‘stand on their own two feet’ and become fully functioning, responsible and focused individuals who have built resilience to manage life’s challenges, and are able to rely upon their own inner strengths, abilities and beliefs.

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”. 

(Sir Isaac Newton 1675)


We want our students to leave the LIFE Wirral School better prepared, thoroughly tried and tested and more knowledgeable as a result of “learning” from the best.


We aim to fit the pieces of our jigsaw together, to form a Life Plan that gives them the best opportunity to succeed on the sports field, academically in Higher Education, to feel socially confident and competent, to converse with their peers and significant others, and finally realise a Lifestyle that they themselves have chosen becoming happy, responsible and valued members of our Society. 


Each of these Aims can only be truly realised with the FULL and ACTIVE support of Parents, carers and educational providers, who will each be encouraged to become an integral part of the School Community, to use their voice as a vehicle to help develop the curriculum for each individual student and support their personal development in any and every way possible. 


LIFE Wirral will provide a flourishing training environment that enthuses hard work, focus and commitment. All students will be inspired and coached to understand the power of healthy living (nutrition), mental strength (sports psychology) and time management (education & training disciplines), in striving to fulfil their sporting potential and achieve their international sporting ambitions.

LIFE Wirral hopes to produce leaders in sport and ultimately, medal winners at major games; professional sportsmen and women and Ambassadors of UK Sport. To date, our sports specific programmes have helped produce numerous junior international athletes (girls and boys) in sports including Hockey, Handball, Gymnastics, Table-Tennis, Football, Athletics and Judo.

LIFE Wirral will take the very best values that sport can offer. We will develop each individual with the very best teaching in Our School to help them flourish in an environment that provides the best opportunities to succeed in sport, whilst ensuring their academic needs and aspirations are equally accommodated.

Each prospective student will undergo a physical performance assessment and interview (alongside their parents/carers) to ascertain their commitment, desire and ambition to achieve both in sport and in the classroom. Our School thrives upon individuals who only want to give of their best in ALL aspects of their Lives, to Achieve for themselves (Sporting, Academic, Professional and Family), to Motivate, Encourage and Celebrate in the successes of their Peers and to Inspire those who succeed them in the School


Our students will be encouraged to share (and learn from) their experiences, sporting skills, techniques and abilities to analyse the performances of others and of themselves, with the overarching aim for each individual student to become knowledgeable of their own as well as other approaches to training, competition and coping strategies. In essence, each individual will become an ‘expert’ in a variety of movement and coaching skills - learning how to modify and adapt what they have to different scenarios. We firmly believe this is the key to becoming successful in Sport as a coach, teacher or instructor in the future.


Using “Sport” as the vehicle to drive change and move our students forward, we know they accept the innate characteristics of, or the Traditional Values that sport develops.

  • ​Self-discipline in pushing to one’s own limits (Challenge)

  • Motivation, Commitment, Perseverance, strong and positive work-ethic

  • Fairness and Honesty

  • Equality and inclusion

  • Respect for your opponent, the officials, the Rules and Laws of the Game, your coaches and spectators

The beauty of being a LIFE Wirral student is the sense of family - a collective bond forged through sport, fitness and closeness, only achieved through respect; trust and shared responsibility to improve ones self but to also help those around you to achieve more.

Students will soon learn that Our School is a highly cooperative, rewarding and non-threatening environment where everyone’s contributions are valued and appreciated by all within our community.


This will facilitate them in the realisation that their own levels of self-esteem, confidence and competence will grow immeasurably. We also expect our Students to become humble victors, respectful losers and above all grateful to be given the opportunity to take part.






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