Welcome to LIFE Wirral Sports School

I am delighted to introduce you to LIFE Wirral Sports School. We provide specialist education for children and young people, up to the age of 18. We are incredibly proud of our unique children, our supportive parents and carers and our dedicated staff where we all work together to make LIFE Wirral Sports School a safe, happy and inspirational place to learn.


We are a small school offering an individualised and bespoke curriculum that enables pupils to thrive, shaped by our principles of Confidence + Resilience = Success. Our curriculum is both academic, offering accreditation of learning programmes from KS3 through to GCSEs and BTECs in KS4 and KS5 together with the experiential. In addition to mastery of the core subjects such as in English, Mathematics and Science, pupils access a range of learning opportunities that support the curriculum for example – extensive sports programmes, sport psychology, cooking and yoga.


Our pupils’ neurodiversity means that we focus on their social and academic development; this is reinforced by powerful, pastoral programmes. In addition, we are in the process of putting together an experienced therapy team – for example Speech and Language, Counselling and Occupational Therapy to address our pupils’ individual needs.  Our specialist staff know all our pupils, parents and carers very well and this forms the bedrock of our approach. 


The ambition for all our pupils is for them to learn and develop their social skills so that they can embed and apply their learning and create the foundation for further education, training and employment. Where appropriate, work attachments and experiences are provided. We aim to provide holistic learning opportunities with clear outputs and outcomes, working closely with parents and carers to identify and develop the talents and skills of our very special children.


It is our duty and responsibility to provide the right environment to nurture our pupils’ confidence; to give them the necessary skills to be resilient and responsible citizens and to create and celebrate their paths to success. At LIFE Wirral Sports School we offer our pupils a bespoke education package that links to the National Curriculum. In addition, there is an experiential learning element that ensures our children are immersed in their sport programmes and the subject matter.


Our extensive Sport Package provides our students with the best possible chance to achieve their sporting goals. They are encouraged each day to do their very best and to aim as highly as possible, having access to the best possible training facilities and a wide variety of highly skilled coaches. We aim to inspire our students to want to lead a happy and healthy life and for sport to be a big part of this. We use the vehicle of sport to teach our students social skills, to help them learn the importance of hard work and ultimately to encourage them to be creative, playful and happy young people.



Sarah Quilty