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LIFE School Residential - Trip to the Arete Centre

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

After leaving LIFE school we arrived at the Arete Centre to begin our residential experience.

We went in to a tour of the building and sorting of kit. The centre have a very simple method of allocating the kit, you are allocated a peg number and everything you need is there; waterproofs, fleece and bags. Boots were a from another room.

Once sorted we went straight to climbing at Lion Rock. We were all taught how to belay a climber and we were off. Brendan, Daisy and Josh showed the adults how easy it was much to the annoyance of the staff! But after 2 hours, everyone was suitably shattered and ready for tea.

The food was amazing and plenty of it. Straight after tea we did a nightline activity. Everyone was paired up and one had to be blindfolded and guided round a course. Needless to say the students, started off first abled guided by staff, although some students went to fast for their guides and ended up bumping into trees! No one was hurt, but made us realise how we needed to work together as a pair. Back at the hostel, we had hot drinks and toast and the staff were introduced to the latest dance songs from DJ Brendan.

The next day after a filling breakfast and making our sandwiches, we were greeted by the ‘touring party’ of Sarah, Leanne and Alex. Within 5 minutes, they were geared up ready to go Gorge walking. We then spent the next 4 hours climbing this gorge in very cold water to the plunge pool. Along the way, we had to squeeze between two boulders. Colin thought he might be stuck there for ever but a slight wiggle and he got through.

Meanwhile Sarah found a new step called Ollie’s head! Whilst we walking through this water, there were several stops to empty ones wellies. Ollie decided to sit down in a waterfall for a classic photo and at the top was a plunge pool where we all had a go jumping in. In fairness, to Leanne and Sarah, both jumped off and surfaced much to their surprise! Colin touched the bottom, which according to the instructor doesn’t normally happen.

We then had to walk down an incredibly steep hill which was killer on old knees. At the bottom, we were greeted by instructors saying that females changed in the woods and males anywhere bar the woods. Not an easy job, but their were howls of laughter coming from the women’s ‘changing room’, which the males were not part of!

On the way back we stopped for a very welcome hot drink at a local café, they were grateful for the business. After another substantial tea, we went orienteering in the dark, which was good fun and really tested our map reading skills. Gladly everyone got back after completing the course and sadly the ‘touring party’ had to return to the Wirral. Meanwhile the rest of us had more drinks and toast before retiring to bed fairly early.

Finally on Friday, after breakfast, stripping our beds and getting ready for canoeing, we made our way to lake llanberis. Again good fun, chasing each other and trying to splash each boat.

We returned to the centre to clean and hang up our gear before setting off home. We got back to school, before the end of the day and all had really enjoyed themselves but were shattered. A fantastic experience with great people and already looking forward to the next one

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