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  • Alex Saverimutto

Work Experience Success at the Bike Shop

At LIFE Wirral, we recognise that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to education.

While some thrive in traditional classrooms, others excel through hands-on experiences.

Aiden has been excelling at @offtherocks with the brilliant help of the owner, Adam, who has taught him so much already. Aiden isn’t the only student who has been taken under Adam’s wings as we have seen tremendous engagement from more of our older students.

We're committed to preparing our students for the workforce by connecting them with local businesses aligned with their passions. Whether it's working in bike shops, farms, gardens, or salons, we ensure our students gain exposure to areas they're genuinely interested in.

As our students are SEN, we ensure we carefully select placements that will work effectively with our students. Our students’ mentors are supporting them throughout, so they always have a familiar face to fall back on in new environments.

We strive to foster independence, resilience, and a sense of purpose, preparing each student for a successful transition into the workforce and a fulfilling life beyond our walls.

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