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Our sport's education makes us different.

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LIFE Wirral is an independent sport's school.

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Tel:  0151 705 7431

126 Victoria Road, New Brighton, Wallasey, CH45 9LD

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LIFE Wirral    Tel: 0151 705 7431    126 Victoria Road, New Brighton, Wallasey, CH45 9LD

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Sport at
LIFE Wirral

LIFE Wirral Sports School provides a flourishing sporting environment which encourages hard work, focus and commitment. Each student will embark on some form of academic sport study during his/her time with us. They will be given opportunities to develop their understanding of sport through officiating, coaching and performing in their practical sessions and also through other sporting experiences including visits to high-profile events both as a spectator and as a participant. Our aim is to ensure that our students develop into healthy, robust and competitive athletes who can then perform better within their sport either on a leisure or competition level.


Self-evidently, every student at LIFE Wirral will have their own sporting goals and ambitions. Once these goals have been established, a plan is created and the journey begins. To date, our sports-specific programmes have helped produce numerous junior international athletes in Hockey, Handball, Gymnastics, Table-Tennis, Football, Athletics and Judo. We are confident that there will be many more to follow.

A large part of our sport curriculum is built around strength and conditioning ( S&C ). Every athlete, irrespective of what the sport may be, needs to be physically fit and strong. Athletes will have two to three S&C sessions each week as part of their own individualised program with the aim of making them stronger, faster, fitter and more competitive. They will be coached in our Elite Sport Performance Centre, WESPA, where they will have access to state-of-the-art equipment and where they will receive Olympic-class training.


We have strong links with a variety of sports clubs and teams in the region and we encourage our students to embrace the opportunities available to them. As we do not offer full-team training due to our low student numbers, our athletes will be taught the importance of self-motivation and mental discipline with regard to developing a wide variety of skills. Each athlete will have designated times when they are to work on those skills. We will help them identify and then address the areas which they need to focus on. We will be in regular communication with both the athlete's clubs and club coaches to ascertain precisely what they should be working on. 

Mini intra-school competitions will be arranged to give the athletes the opportunity to experience performing under pressure. This, we hope, will help to instill the qualities of sportsmanship, teamwork and problem-solving. Although we encourage competition, we will also be ensuring that our athletes have allotted, scheduled time to relax and play. We test all our athletes by way of a wide variety of games, sports and challenges. We believe it is crucial for children to be exposed to many different kinds of stimuli in order to develop an element of adaptability and resilience in the face of uncertainty - crucial qualities to have not only in sport but in life.


Our sport curriculum involves weekly classes in yoga and sport psychology as we value highly the importance of self-care, recovery and mental resilience. We also offer a cooking class which is both fun and instructive.  It is clear that the earlier you can teach a child how to eat and drink in a sensible and nutritional manner the greater the chance they will grow into healthy and high-performing adults. They will learn the basics of nutrition as well as the more practical elements - shopping for their own food and cooking healthy meals in a safe environment.

Our sport staff boasts an array of ex-international athletes and specialist coaches all of whom are committed to getting the very best out of our students. We aim to create a friendly and supportive working environment in which our students feel safe and in which they can thrive and grow. 


Students will also have opportunities to attend residential and day placements to help build confidence as well as to bolster their own sporting portfolio. As we grow in numbers, we will be looking for our students to play an important - perhaps key - role within the local community by way of supporting local and national charities and helping in primary schools.


At LIFE Wirral Sport School, we have worked hard to produce what we believe to be the perfect blueprint for students to excel in their sporting career, study the things they care about and, most saliently, enjoy the journey along the way.

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