Once our school day ends at 3.30pm our classroom and resource pool of hand-picked expert subject teachers are available for private lessons right here from our prestigious venue. Starting at 4pm and

for 50min time slots with student changeovers on the hour, we are operating 4-8pm Mon-Fri here at LIFE school. All subjects are introduced with a free 20 min consultation in the first instance. 


why tuition?


Education by definition is a matter of results.


Schools are the best place to ‘learn facts’ and ‘how to answer a question’ but they have lost the reason why teachers go into educating.


Our staff want to develop the minds of our children, to inspire the next generation of 'thinkers and dreamers' and to enthuse how wonderful learning is to the human mind.


Here at LIFE Wirral, it is just as much about the Journey as the it is the Destination. We add a pinch of fun, make the journey Individualised to each and every child and offer the reassurance to parents that the contract we make with you, your child and their Tutor will progress them at a pace that is comfortable without the pressure!


There are 3 very good reasons why you should consider us for Tutoring your child; -


  • We offer Quality Provision.


  • A caring nature and approach to the ‘needs of your child’.


  • Constant interaction between Parents, your Child and the Tutor you are employing

what we provide

  • Enthusiastic Tutors who are ONLY interested in developing (and progressing) your Child

  • An Individualised Learning Programme that has been Tailor-made to the Needs, Wants and Aspirations of your child

  • A Free Comprehensive Consultation that looks into the Strengths and Weaknesses of your Child with an Aim to provide the Knowledge, Understanding and Tools to develop their minds as “inquisitive, confident and mature young-adults” (Parent – child – Tutor discussions)

  • Regular, informative and monitored Reports supported by dialogue with parents of Progress


The Covid-19 Pandemic has created a vacuum in the continued learning of children across the Globe.

It has become abundantly clear that many parents are worried about their own child’s progress in Education and in some cases, the added pressure of “Will my child achieve”?


No matter what their Age, stage of Development or Need, LIFE Wirral (Tutors) will provide access and an Opportunity for ALL children to supplement their education at School with an Individualised programme of Learning.


our products

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  • Preparation for 11+ Entrance exams

  • Lessons that will help develop a child’s understanding (and Knowledge) of lessons being taught in School

  • Create a level of Understanding, comprehension and preparation for GCSE and A'Level examinations

  • Help, advice and Tuition for children who must develop their Research Skills

  • Support and progression routes for children with Learning Needs – especially Dyslexia and co-occurring problems

booking information

  • Doors are open Monday to Friday – 16:00 to 20:00

  • Each session is 50-mins

  • Contracts are 4, 8 or 12 weeks







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