• all individuals are respected and their individuality valued;

  • Pupils are encouraged to achieve;

  • self-discipline is promoted and good behaviour is the norm;

  • rewards and sanctions are applied fairly and consistently;

  • bullying, disruption and harassment are not tolerated;

  • early intervention is the norm;

  • there is an emphasis on self-discipline


Role of all members of staff: All members of staff are expected to encourage good behaviour and respect for others and to apply all rewards and sanctions fairly and consistently.


Staff are also responsible for ensuring that the policy and procedures are followed, and consistently and fairly applied.  All staff strive to:


  • Develop an effective rapport with each individual student.

  • Establish a feeling of security for students by being consistent, firm and fair with them.

  • Avoid direct confrontation but deal with situations in a calm and reasoned manner.

  • Know the whereabouts of every student in their charge at all times.

  • Seek advice from the Head teacher as and when a need arises.


Classroom/Workspace Management Support:

The class teacher/coach has prime responsibility for pastoral care.


Teachers/coaches will take responsibility for maintaining good behaviour within their classroom/workspace and throughout the

school if needed.


Staff Development and Support:


We support our staff in managing and modifying children’s behaviour through training.


Role of pupils:


Pupils are expected to take responsibility for their own behaviour and will be made fully aware of the school policy, procedures and expectations. We ensure that all pupils are aware of the reward systems and sanctions that are in use.


LIFE Wirral Sport School is a place where: